Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Name Says It All

This is my second attempt at creating a new blog since i must own up i am absolutely technologically challenged. I really find it difficult to type fast cuz more often than not, i type "teh man" instead of "the man" . There are times when i try to press the tab button to go to the next line but end up typing in capital letters.

Howevere there are days when i suddenly am able to realise some new features on my inbox or perhaps come to a new link, of course the new link is not life-changing but it definitely is a moment of"self-actualisation" as Maslow said since i know how ecstatic i get. So thats when i tell myself,"hey there is hope girl"

I always say i am a disaster when it comes to cooking so much so i have my mother qouting to her friends "my daughter is very talented she can burn water too" . I remember very clearly how i tried making maggi but ended up with the smoke alarm going off in the house when i iwas visiting my cousins in the US.

But life changed after i was 18 when i started staying ina hostel eating food from an unclean dubba and when food was supposed to be from "mothers kitchen". Life started getting tougher and i faced new challenegs of boiling water and celebrating God's gift to mankind"Maggi" i should probably write an epilogue in my biography(interested peopel can check my blog 40 years from now) Anyways the good news is that today i can make more than just Maggi..

As a teenager, i used to be one tall, gawky, hairy, and confused girl.With my adrenalin running high and in all directions on the basketball court i pretty much "sucked" in life. from the minute i got my "puberty driven assets" i knew i am so damn confused. I loved basket ball and getting wet in the rain , absolutely not bothered if the shirt was white but life cheated me when i turned 13.

Somewhere down the line the transition happened from balck nailpolish to pink lipstick, from converse shoes to high heels , from loose jeans to tiny skirts, from addidas clothes to feminine cuts..and by god am i not hapy with what i see today when i face the mirror..i love myself and lets be honest if i dont, who will .

So thats all there is to this name about pink and on for more

Bogged by Sulagna Chatterjee


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