Friday, November 16, 2012

Anniversary and Johny Walker Memories

And life goes on..5 years since we met. i know you will be expecting a little post from me on this meeting up anniversary of ours, and honestly i was so busy with the entire day that i realised around 2 AM , while you were busy cracking up on some jokes with the boys and  when you were 4 shots down..damn its been 5 years !!

So yes this post is late but the realisation has hit me every single day that we are together. Every single night i close my eyes to sleep i think of you and Keya. When we met i had no clue you could down 5 shots and still stand rock solid, something i appreciate now but would have freaked out about 5 years back. So that means you have changed my basic thinking and principals, but hey what good is life if you stick to the same old rules and values.
Talking about same old rules and values, did i tell you those times when i see you walk out of the car, stand in the middle of the road, help clear the traffic deadlock, walk back and drive home. Not a single swear word, not a little abuse anywhere, while i cant stop swearing at those absolute idiots driving the cars. the bloody jerk who does not even have the courtesy to make way for an old lady, or the frustrated couple on the bike who cant keep their hands in proper places in the traffic..Patience has always been your virtue and I am still trying to get there.
I honestly never knew too much about festivals, except their significance historically. But i have always believed they are the best ways to create memories, helping our child understand that crackers dont sum up to Diwali, giving a toy to the maids kid does. Spending money on expensive gifts is not Diwali but, sitting at home, helping Ma clean up the house makes memories.Not much of a fast keeping woman i am, and i still believe God does not seek to be pleased with all those shows of devotion. Trying not lying, not deceiving, not hurting people for a day and thats the closest you will get to pleasing God. You i guess, understand this very well hence i have a bright warm and beautiful home .
Yes there have been days you have let me down, there have been days i have questioned our marriage, i have questioned my undying faith in you..but it happens to everyone. However, the intensity with which we come back to each other immediately makes me realize, that decision to say yes 5 years back was planned by Him. I am not much of the temple going kinds but i know He had a plan when we met, and i guess we are going the right way
Being a father has been perhaps the most natural role to you i have realsied. When we were married i could sometime sense the  hidden  apprehension, a little doubt sometimes, that slight confusion on days. But  the night we stayed in the hospital as a family of three, as i saw you rocking her to sleep, i knew this is what dreams are made of. My very own fairytale, watching you soothe her when she cried of colic, seeing you walk and pacify her as i went inside the trial room of a shop, hearing her laugh as you tickle her while i am dressing up for office, loving your excitement in seeing her sleep in your arms at night, taking her pictures as she wobbled on her first few steps, waking up every morning and counting the new teeth that are popping out,it's even better than what I do as a mother. I am there for her to put her to sleep, make sure she is clean and happy but you have already created  a bond of friendship. She sure will come to you asking for advise when she is 15, something that i could never imagine i would say.You are the first friend she has and you will be forever.
So here's to us, here's to our mistakes  our story, our fights, our memories, our home, our dreams, your Whisky love and my parlour visits, our ambitions , your late working hours, Diwali cleaning rush, our favorite titles for each other(ya maaannn) and that gorgeous little daughter of ours..

I love you Baby and there is noway you could have gotten any  luckier than now having me :) in your life !!


Huda Merchant said...

That's adorable.

Happy Anniversary! May God Bless you'll :)

Natasha said...

Many many happy returns of the day, you adorable couple, you! :)

Ritu said...

Happy anniversary... heartfelt post :) Enjoyed the little expression of the truths of married life. Glad to know I'm not the only one with questions.

SG said...

Happy Anniversary. Will pray God you both celebratre your 50th marriage anniversary the same way you are celebrating this anniversary.

Renu said...

Happy Anniversary!..Its a blessing to think what you think, so keep it that way forever...

shooting star said...

what an awesome the partner of your life..

yes god always has a plan :)

Enchantress said...

makes me so happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Jack said...


All I will say is May the bonding become stronger and stronger with each passing year. May you all have such happy memories of times together.

Take care

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

I have told you this before. I am telling you again. You make me believe in Love. You make me believe in fairy tales.


Rahul Bhatia said...

May your fairytale of a happily married life continue for ever! This was a very passionate writing and simply adorable:)

Heiress said...

Great to see a happy family !

Congratulations on your 5 years !!

Following you now !

Hope you find time visit our blog !
Much love
The Heiress Blog

Dew drops said...

You amaze me every time!!A true heartfelt and honest note of love!woow!!

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