Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Motherhood Song

Try reversing the word Ma, it gives you am, it gives you your existence, it gives you your reason to be, your reason to stay strong, your reason why you know that dreams come true..for I am a Ma and i am !

We had been waiting for you for a long while, we had planned and prayed for you , we always knew that when the time was right you would come...and there on the 13th of December 2010 , I sat and stared and those two pink lines. I knew this is what we had been wanting and i knew G and I were ready to welcome this journey. And whata  journey has this been baby, from that morning standing in the bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror, to waiting patiently for my stomach to look "pregnant", from giving up Chinese Food to realising that the couch has developed a slump because of my weight...its been fun and memorable all along.

I wake up with a smile everyday seeing the miracle G and I have created
I dont have a fight with G which lasts more than a day because we coo over our babe together
I dont have long well manicured nails because babe loves to hold my fingers
I cut my hair short so i can quickly tie a knot and pick up the babe
I am mostly seen around the house in a pyjama and a burp cloth over my shoulder
I smell of baby burp and milk and i love it
I buy clothes without sequins and buttons because babe has to rest her head on my shoulders
I carry my world in her diaper bag which is just the fone , my wallet and keys
I cant stop marveling pretty strollers and cars have taken a back seat
I worry about furniture having sharp edges
I dont have books and lip balm by my bedside but feeding bottles and rattles
I am more aware of the latest baby cologne and not the perfume of the season
I talk of brands like Johnson and Avent and have forgotten Esbeda and LV
I am worried about the bright lights in the room and put on the dim ones so babe can sleep
I feel on top of the world after getting a 4 hour long sleep at night
I find myself smiling with eyes closed to a talkative babe at 3 AM
I have calenders marked with dates for immunization instead of "parlour and spa visits"
I rush to the infant section of clothes in a mall
I cry everytime babe gets a vaccine and feel helpless at not being able to take her pain
I am proud when i see babe sleep on her own in her stroller like a well behaved lady
I feel helpless seeing my babe cry and scream with colic
I lough out loud at her rocket farts and the expression of contentment on her face after
I love G even more than i could ever for being the best father my daughter could ever have
I wait for G so we can spend out family time on the couch
I sit for hours with an aching back while babe snoozes on my shoulder
I surprisingly dont frown over a soiled diaper and rush for a quick clean one
I have a bajjillion pictures of babe on my cell phone
I have status message all about babe and her toothless smile and non stop chatter
I am amazed at the miracle my body has created and God has gifted us
I  marvel at that tiny little body and such a big blessing
I feel the joy , the blessing, the pride, the pain, the heartache, the wonderment and the satisfaction of being a Ma
I feel blessed !

i am being a  part of this Mommy contest for the first time and it would be great having more mommies join in..here's how you do it

Andi am adding these pictures, so you know how much we count on Mom & Me...right from the day we got her home in a car seat to the day she fell of our bed and we rushed and brought the gorgeous crib..Thank you Mom & Me for providing such fantastic quality products right here in Pune.


SG said...

Just one word. Super.

Aparna (Life Takes) said...

That is so sweet!

Each line touched my heart!

This post should be dedicated to all mothers...the reasons of our existence.

sulagna ™ said...

wow guys thank you so much...your comments are my favorite things to read :)

Surreal said...

I am also a Mommie now, of a two month old boy! I can relate to each and every word you wrote. Lots of love to you and your daughter. :)

Jack said...


This is what is the bond of love between mother and child. These will be fond memories for all the times to come. Best of luck for the entry in that space.

Take care

Brijesh said...

Very well written. Heart Warming, First visit to your blog, i must say i like the writing style.

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Love the way you have described motherhood. It is not difficult to relate to most of your recent posts, since they so completely express what you are going through. It must be not easy to take time out to keep this blog going, so that is greatly appreciated too. Wish you and G and the little one all the best always.

Anonymous said...

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