Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On being a Mother

If i could have it my way,
my floors would be clean
my carpets would be stainfree and rolled out, with no dog ears
my sinks would be shining and clean
the bathroom counter would be well organised and clutter free
the brown coffee table would hold gorgeous crystal pieces and a bunch of lillies
the plants in the house would be green and shiny and look happy
my hair would be trimmed and perfectly colored
my pillowcovers would match the bedsheets
my phone would have a shiny and scratchless screen
the bar would be well stocked and prepared
we'd be having sex more than once a week
we'd be sipping coffee after dinner and giving eachother a footrub
we'd be sharing with eachother what happend all day
we'd be watching Grey's Anatomy together

But instead i wait for my favorite time of the day, every morning as 7 those little fingers tug my blanket and poke my eyes out, the most heavenly baby breath stays on my soul for the rest of the day, the 20 minutes of sheer bliss that i experience watching the Dad and his daughter watching a video on youtube, that gurgle that comes everytime the tickle monster attacks.the sight of the two of them hiding inside the blanket and pretending to hide, the sight of them picking up a pillow fight, watching a 34 year old man fall off the bed when a 1 year old hits him with a pillow, the race to who will kiss Ma first and the big hug !

Who said you cant always have life your way..i do, this is the way i choose.


Renu said...

you have chosen well.

SG said...

The best choice Sulagna.

Jenny said...

Aww this post is full off awwness and cuteness and everythingness!!! This is perfect. Touch wood! God Bless!

sm said...

beautiful loving post

Sunakshi said...

This one made me go like awww :)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

I like your choice :) And such a cute, cute description :)

Bikramjit said...

Came over from momwithadot's blog.. mom's are the besttttttttttt


Jack said...


These are the memories you both will cherish at later date. And with this care she will grow up into an intelligent and good human being with loving nature.

Take care

Rahul Bhatia said...

Lovely writing Sulagna:)

Sonal Arora said...

BEautiful Sul !
Being a mother is a blessing.
I inspire to be a mother like you.

Mom with a Dot said...

That's wonderful ! Now go for the second one and double that joy ?!! :D :D

Aprad said...

The Joy of motherhood!

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