Saturday, May 5, 2012

Get Drenched in Some Sun this Summer..We Are !

The perfect stretch of white sand, the most deepest shades of blue, the sweetest smell of mangoes, the purest taste of coconot water and the coolest watermellon and Vodka drink ever !

That is pretty much what i have in mind this summer, as the baby turns 9(months) and welcomes her first summer. I realise life is always more comfortable in a pair of flip flops with neon nailpaint. I have never been the ones to shy away from the sun or the rain, they have been my eternal best friends ! The rains always washed down my soul , gently wiping away all that hurt and letting me breathe clean. the sun was never too harsh on me either, as a kid i loved wandering alone with a stick in my hand, walking through the mango orchards back at my Grannys place.

And today it has not changed much. I dont let the sun threaten me with a tan , i dont let the winds scare me with unruly hair, i have never minded the sand sticking into my nails..i have loved it all.Give me a good pair of sunglasses, the lightest flip flops, a good book to read and the world is my playground and the sun can drench me with all its goodness.

G and I have had this vacation planned for ages, but we were waiting for the Bub to grow up a little (9 months is good enough eh!) and if you want a vacation Goa is the destination.On our last visit to Goa, our daughter came back as a memento of our Goan rendezvous ! So befitting it is to take her out in her first bikini and get her tiny toes wiggling in some Goan beach under the sun !

This vacation may be a little more fancy being a kid friendly one, but the Gypsy Mommy has a lot of plans. A perfect sunrise with feet up on the balcony , some juice , bacon and toast ! a pair of flip flops, some water, baby stuff, and a sun screen , you cant go wrong with this list. A secluded little place for ourselves, a constant flow of prawns and Vodka, some bright sand toys and i am a happy little Penguin.

As a mother it is very important that i teach my child the pleasure of a quiet walk under the moon light, play with sand under the sun , have the mandatory face-dump in the sand, building castles and watching them get washed away,digging in your feet in the wet sand, curl your toes as the first wave of water touches your feet,lick your face a little and taste the salt in the water, gulp some water and learn to swim and of course dig into some fruits and water.

G and I have learnt one secret early into parenthood..there is no perfect parent but we will do a million things to be good parents. G has his share of to-do's this summer with the little Bub, which involves some dangerous things like two piece bikini set for a 9 month old (jaw dropping..yes) !

Summers are not to shy away and stay at home, its the perfect opportunity to make memories, forget about the white shirt being flimsy, go ahead wear it and watch the world like you own it , stop worrying about the sun burning your skin, trust me its a beautiful feel of sizzle on your skin, bring out the silver anklet and watch it glisten in your sweat, let the straps of your clothes leave a proof of your rendezvous with the sun,splash an extra bit of those gorgeous smelling summery sun protection creams and let the wind blow her own whistle in your hair, Soak up the sun people..

Happy Summer everyone !

ps: I so needed a push to blog, this vacation seems to be promising and so does this and this sunny thing on Indiblogger


Kay said...

You make me want to fall in love with summers :)

Gunjan said...

Hello Sulagna,I've been reading your blog since over a year or maybe more.I am not huge on reading personal blogs and not ones with 'baby stories',more so but yours?IT MAKES ME SMILE and sends this warm fuzzy sweet feeling in my heart and every cell.It makes me fall in love with you and your sweet world.
I hate Summers,you just made me like them a bit.

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

I absolutely hate summers but you make me want to love them!!

//a pair of flip flops with neon nailpaint//

Maybe I will too!! :)

hAAthi said...

DUUDEEE WHEN?!! Can I come hug the bundle?

Jack said...


You are making me dream of all what you said. Have a very enjoyable time and please do share photographs when you are back.

Take care

Pesto Sauce said...

Goa is place for bachelor vacation though not bad for a family trip either

Vivek said...

Yup all what you wrote is so cool n com-forty for those who are scared of sun ..though I'm scared these days coz its almost 45 degree in the capital now.

Yup reminds me of my childhood days when there was no stoppage for running , playing the sun was hot n happening ..just the scolding of parents once in a while was there in the offering which hardly dent our passion that time ppl thinks 100 times before putting a step outside the home ..

see how much life has changed since then..

Ishita Priyadarshini said...

Sulu my hottie!! I think it's time to turn professional :)

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