Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We are 4 years old on the 11 !!

So we turn 4 years old is it ? was'nt it just yesterday that we met, you fumbled with the lime wedge on your glass and i was awed by your fingers ?

Was'nt it just yesterday that you sent me a simple text and I knew what it means to smile till your cheeks hurt (well you make me do this every single day )

And then we decided to build our very own place, the choices over the curtains, the selection of grills and designs, the quick lunches and bargaining in the dingiest lanes of the City.

Today we live in the warmest, fuzziest and brightest little nook of our own, filled with flowers, smell of cinnamon, a very huge book shelf, a cupboard full of amazing clothes, a wall framed with our memories and a couch giving that has become a family member, seeing us cry, laugh, fight, snuggle over it !

Was'nt it just yesterday that we cried with joy when we learnt about the little life inside of me and today tell me that same little tiny heart beat laughs and gurgles and wakes us up at 2:30AM or 6:30 AM.
It seems just yesterday that i told everyone that that I have you and life is perfect, and now with S we have everything , our hearts ebb with so much love that we never knew of before.

I could do something fancy for you this Anniversary, we can perhaps take a drive alone, with some Absolute and chicken wings , or lets plan a Movie night ?
But we aint doing any of the above are we ? Can we leave our dear old couch behind on such an important day, so we will be very wasted and lazying on the couch with a snoring 6 month old marshmallow of a daughter, while the Absolute and Chicken wings give us company.

4 years have seen maybe three or four major big fights, the regular tussle of the in-laws, the mandatory argument over expenses, the ancient issues of "I am always the one to say a  sorry and you dont " but not even for a single minute did I wish to be anywhere but our home, with anyone else but you and not a little doubt about the man i decided to marry 4 years back.

You have been the most beautiful part of my "coming to age" someone with whom the big 30 this year will just be a number i touch, because you have let me keep the child in me alive.

We have been blessed with our greatest prayer, he one we loved even before she came in our arms. S has been our greatest achievement, the biggest blessing the world has to offer and I can not thank you enough for agreeing to put all your plans aside and go ahead with my wish for a child. I know you secretly thank me everyday for this decision, because i see your eyes twinkle when you hold that little marshmallow of ours !

Its me who decides on the dinner we eat, but its you who makes it a family dinner, when you talk about your work, the squeaking car tyres and the almost deaf boss !

Its me who plans to stay up and play with S on Fridays but you are the one who is snuggling with her while i snore on the other side of the bed.

Its me who decides what clothes would we three be wearing for a party, but you who make us feel like the center of the universe, with just your hand around my waist while we walk in, or the way you carry S and cradle her throughout a party.

Thank you for always being so empathetic to my needs as a person, my desire to succeed and letting me follow my heart and always saying "go for it, we'll see what happens" Believe me those are the strongest words i need to take that first faltering step.

And inspite of my wish to grow as a person, as an individual , as a professional  , nothing matters more to me than you both and our families.

So I know 4 years back when i met you and thought you are the one i was right . I know you will give me laugh lines as we grow older and never let me fret over the wrinkles. I know I am in safe hands when you always use the most beautiful superlatives to express our relationship,

And you know what is it that touches me the most ? You always say "when " and never "if" when you talk about   plans on growing old  and how I fit in it.

Thank you for being the perfect man for me and my daughter..We love you much more than we say.
You are the one I want to wake up with, send a text to, share my day with, cook the dinner for, laze on the couch with, dream for our life ahead with,look into your eyes, talk about everything and kiss every single day of my life ! and of all the love stories i have heard of, ours is my favorite .

Happy Anniversary Baby


Khush said...

Wow!!! This is absolutely beautiful!
God bless you guys!!

hAAthi said...

Happy Anniversary Sula! Where have you been? Hope the bundle of joy is keeping you entertained and in great spirits!

Natasha said...

Gosh..that was beautiful! Happy Anniversary you guys :) This year would be even more memorable with the little one around :)

Haddock said...

Time flies....leaving back good memories :-)

Tanvi said...

Awwwwwww! Happy Anniversary!!! May you have many many more to come :)

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nil said...

GOD DAMNIT you do this every year and kabooooom! There goes the macho pinkpatiyalasis to hell! :')
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my favorite people and a huge hug straight from Delhi
Stay blessed! I love you :)

Raj said...

is it just me or are you still that lovely teenager making merry in the presence of love? :)

i am guilty. haven't been able to show up for sooo long. anyway stay merry! :)

Lady Whispers said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww how do you manage to write soo much beauty and magic on this day every year, my pathakha :D

Happy Anniversary to my favorite couple and the parents of my chotu sa bomb :D

I love you for being the inspiration and the one who keeps my hope in love alive...

I wish someday I can get a man for whom I can say and write posts like u do :D

Stay the same way always my pathaka :D

Loads of love :)
And I am gonna read this post n number of times <3

RiĆ  said...

Happy Anniversary dear!! And guess what today is our 1st anniversary too. :)

Jigyasa said...


Superbly lovely....Happy Anniversary! I fail to recall what I mentioned on your last year's anniversary post....but I am sure that it was equally b'ful.....here's a toast to the threesome I read about....wish you many more posts like this!!

Loved reading every bit and could resonate with things like ancient fights....;)

Rahul Bhatia said...

Best Wishes on your Anniversary, Sulagna!That was a very sweet post!Wishing you many more..:)

Sujatha Sathya said...

this is the baaap of all romantic posts & the timing is perfect
happy happy anniversary :)

Suruchi said...

"4 years have seen maybe three or four major big fights, the regular tussle of the in-laws, the mandatory argument over expenses, the ancient issues of "I am always the one to say a sorry and you dont " but not even for a single minute did I wish to be anywhere but our home, with anyone else but you and not a little doubt about the man i decided to marry 4 years back"

I read this and reread and loved it as much as I love you-if there is any human personification of "made for each other", it is you two...

Happy Anniversary and may you continue to be drenched in your love always:-)

Nayana said...

Happ Anni...have I said before that you write so well...:)
...there is a giveaway going on my blog and free printable, check it out if interest you.

sulagna ™ said...

Guys Cant stop smiling reading your words :) i am sorry its been a little hectic hence unble to reply to your wishes..but surely will be visiting your pages soon..thank you for always being there to read my ramblings and wishes, your encouragemnt, your friendship and your love has always been the utmost factor that makes me blog :) love you all so much

pavani reddy said...

awww..thats sooo sweet!!!happy anniversary and u have a great blog sulagna..

Jack said...


May God bless you with such happiness always.

Take care

PS : Did you check mail?

Only fish recipes said...

Thanks for dropping by my space dear....hey....both of u look just perfect n happy anniversary to u :-)

joshi daniel said...

simply sweet :)

AA said...

Congratulations for the four blissful years together to the beautiful couple :)

AA said...

Congratulations for the four blissful years together to the beautiful couple :)

Swapna said...

Me n hubby recently completed 5 years of married bliss and have a precious 3 year old daughter. When I read your post I felt as if my emotions have been put to pen and paper. God bless your family. :)

the other side of me said...

My God..this is beautiful :')

Kappu said...

Nice... :) Anniv wishes!

themustardseed said...

Belated Happy Anniversary and wish you many many more. I just found your blog and I have to say it is so refreshing, inspiring, beautiful and touching to read about your attitude towards life and the immense love for the people you love. I am truly touched by the honesty with which you write and share and your zest for life is almost infectious! I wish you the best!

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