Friday, August 6, 2010

I can never grow old, only richer!!

I turned 28 last month on the 18th of july, and believe me you guys made it awesome for me..i would have sincerely loved to do a give away of some kinds, but sadly nobody thought of sponsoring my blog with beautiful templates and skimpily clad models talking about sunscreens. Anyways ,what matters most is as i add another candle on my cake every year, another inch to the waist, another lesson in life i also add another good friend to share it all with. The last year especially has been super sexy because i got so many of you to be a part of my life. Thank you guys, since you have just had a teaser so far, the best of me is yet to be uncorked !!

When i was 16 i was freaking out at the thought of growing up and growing old. i wondered whats going to happen to my basketball shoes, who will wear my sun caps, who will ring the bell on my bicycle, how will i ever live without my hole-ridden shorts and why am i supposed to have long beautiful hair. I also kept a mental note of never kissing a boy because i can not have a baby at this age (stop smirking you smart one's)

At 28 i love the grey streaks that show up when i tie my hair in a knot, i love the feel of the man i love the most next to me while i watch the news, i enjoy g
etting up at 6 every morning to water the plants, feed the fish and toast breads for us, i enjoy keeping a tab of what needs to be brought next for the house, having spent a fortune on the home theatre, i pride myself on sending that bouquet of roses and cak
e with my credit card on fathers day and i realise i dont want this to stop. Today when i type this down , i see a ring on my finger which makes me the worlds luckiest woman to be spending the rest of my life with the man who is my world, i have a watch on my left wrist which reminds m
e how much i miss my parents and a gift given by them 3 years back is so precious. I am wearing a pair of mojri's which remind me of the day i learnt that street side shopping is as much fun a
s Westside and i do not shy away from raste ka maal. At 28 i have earned myself so many friends who have made up for every tear i have ever shed.

Sometime back , maybe 3 years back i was so afraid of growing old, of getting wrinkles , of gaining weight, of being left out, of not knowing which is the top 10 song in the US Billboards or not knowing what is the new colour of the season. And today as i write th
is, feeling unputdownable, one of the most loved people on this earth, feeling
absolutely pretty, so full of life and so blessed that none of my fears can ever ever scare me again. I guess all of us are at some time in life afraid of growing older
but hell no !! i am not!! i love to do my Tequila shots , i enjoy being lazy on a sunday morning, i love
making an excuse at office and going for a drive with G,I enjoy every minute i speak to ma over the phone telling her how i dint get wet in the rain and yes i do fry fishes in the weekend for the hungry husband. I look forward to the warmth of a tiny throbbing heart inside me someday, the little fingers curled around mine, the look of a proud father in G's eyes, the first football match for the baby or the first time i buy a pink hairband for our princess. There is so much to look forward to that i realise growing a year older is optional but growing another friend a year is mandatory.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous self !!! i love myself and i love you all for making me feel this way!!!!


hAAthi said...

happy birthday again :)
and this is a wonderful way to get "old" -- if i can call it that!

Nu said...

as always full marks to your post :)

A very Happy B'day to you grown up girl !

Growing up is so much fun and I can relate to most of what you'be put down here...

Wishing you a happy life ahead..with more friends to add and the little ones coming in your life very soon :) YAY to growing up,YAY to mother hood and YAY to blogging :)

Ria said...

Happy b'day once again dear!! And i love the humble u....accepting everything ever so graciously.

Wildflower said...

Happy Belated B'day! :)

I look forward to growing older as gracefully as you describe urself to be doing :)

vivek said...

Good afternoon! hope you doing great..

Yup , we never think we are old looks just we are still kids ..

you are lucky , and you have what all are striving for ..the happiness within ..thats matter more ..
rest things follows...

Have a gr8 ..

Keep smiling :)

Simply Manasi said...

Here's to growing up without growing old ;-)

pRasad said...

Happy Birthday :))

I loveeeeed this post..& I am not saying just for the sake of it.. Got completely engrossed in it while reading..
I just didn't get if the guy in the photo is G ? (pardon if he is your bro :D)

Always be happy like this ..( Which I am sure you will :) )

Raj said...

*laughs smirks and vanishes*

Creativity!! said...

Hi Dear, Belated Birthday Wishes. Dear, Beautiful Excellent Write Up :) :) Enjoyed A Lot :) :)

Banupriya said...

Happy birthday once again Sulagna Di :) Yes growing up is fun. I really loved the idea of getting a new friend every year. Enjoy your day !!

Dipti said...

and once again, sulagna manages to express herself in such a beautiful way that touches the deepest chords of my heart. i felt a lil mirchiee-feeling inside my nose when i passed the 'pink hairband for the princess' part , lol.

you are amazing. hope you add hazaaaar candles on the cake...with millions of such beautiful moments and memoris in your heart every year.

loveya gorgeous :*

Asif said...

hehehe that was wonderfully expressed as ever :)
They say in one’s life there are two stages where we enjoy the life of a child. One is when you are young and the other is when you are getting old. :) Either ways we are children at heart only thing is that it all depends on how we look at it. Your post makes your readers (single) to think about marrying immediately :D :D
Yeah ! looking forward to read about the first football match of the prince and also about the pink band which you are going to buy for the princess :)
Belated Happy birthday once again to the child inside you :)

Pavitra .... said...

Hey! happy Birthday!! Wow..I loved this post...really felt nice!
Growing up and not growing old! Enjoy! :)

Mrs. Adventure said...

Awww Happy Birthday Girl! I havent' seen your blog pop up in my reader in a while! Its sooooo good to hear from you, I hope you have a wonderful YEAR 28!

The Bald Guy said...


nil said...

"When i was 16 i was freaking out at the thought of growing up and growing old. i wondered whats going to happen to my basketball shoes, who will wear my sun caps, who will ring the bell on my bicycle, how will i ever live without my hole-ridden shorts and why am i supposed to have long beautiful hair." ----------> TELL ME FREAKING ABOUT IT!!! THATS ALL I THINK NOWWWWW!!!!!

But wow, what a gorgeous post.
Everytime I see an update of your blog on my dashboard, I smile cause I know I'm gonna smile wider when I read it :) Thank you, for all if this, babe.

Happy birthday, again,
and have a gorgeous year ahead.
We love you :)

SG said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthdayyyyy Sulagnaaaaa
Happy Birthdayyyyy tooooo youuuuuu

Unputdownable! I am sure you are a Neologist.

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

happy belated birthday ^^

Varsha Vipins said...

Tho I had wished on the D-day ,here it is once again for the amazing person you are Su..I loved those thoughts and the beauty and wishing you a even more fuller life filled with all the warmth and gorgeousness that you are looking forward to..I cant wait to toast with you for that..!!:)

Scribbling Gal said...

:) What a gorgeous post from u once again .....whenever i see ur blog update i go :) if growing old is gonna be like u describe I wanna grow old more fast :)
Belated happy birthday once again sweety :)
Adding frnds each yr is must and thanks to blogger I find some and its amazing :)

God bless u always

Remya said...

Right now,
You're the most beautiful woman that I've come across!
Aww sulagna...the smile never left my face...!
You're the coolest 28-year old around :P

Shalini said...

lovely post!!!!
Happy birthday!! :D

DiDo said...

happyyy birthdayyyy sulagna... may u be blessed with happiness alll ur life :)

rubina said...

happy birthday..and a matter of coincidence even my b'day is on the 18th of july..
newaz u write so well..i just love to read ur blog..

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Sooo very true. I am in the position that you were in before. I'm afraid of growing up more. Afraid of marriage and everything else like that. O.o But I think it's nature's way that you wrap yourself around time and cherish the bygone and enjoy as you grow. :) WEll written hon!

Harini said...

You make getting old sound so wonderful and beautiful. Weirdly, i never found anything like growing up. I have been the same for a long time now :P.

Thousif Raza said...

you are so true when you say that di.... and i loved this post... its so sweet and awesome as always :)... and in my life i as always wish you that you never grow old... superb post :)

take care and keep writing..........

ani_aset said...

my first visit
happy birthday sulagna :) thanks to Dip i have reached here

Haddock said...

Nice post.
And who wants to grow up.....being a child at heart is the best option.

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Happy Belated Birthday Love!

You are a beautiful woman with a wonderful life. Thank God before you thank anybody else. You are gifted. I pray for you all that you look forward to and much more pleasantries in life.


neha said...

Wish You a very happy birthday !!!

Sovina said...

hey wish you a very very happy is true that u don't get old you only get rich..and i completely agree with what u say..(though somewhere i do dread the age in some tiny winy amount..but it think it will go away with wisdom:))

आशीष/ ASHISH said...

Happy B'Day Sulagna!!!
(Did I wish you through a comment on an earlier post as well!? Can't remember!)

May you stay a little more cheerful than me!!!!

God Bless!

mohit said...

umm... now where's all this realization coming from?

wish you all the happiness :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Funny I too feel the same way approaching the same age

suruchi said...

Hi Su...
You know, you remind me of that tagline of some ad on tv...
You’ll be “gorgeous hamesha”
Touchwood to all the blessings you always count...there’s so much to learn in that from you!
And may there be no fears as you venture forward in life..
May there be smooth sails n no rough edges!

A beautiful, sensitive, motivating post this is!
But then, do we ever expect or get anything else from you!
Loads of love to the sweetest full of life birthday girl!
May we get to celebrate you forever!:-)

Pink Panther said...

Hey you!
Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and may you have many more!!

first time in here! felt nice reading this post and ll guess ll be coming back to read more=)

Anonymous said...

That is such a happy happy post to read.. growing old is not that bad when you have love all around is there...

Stay the same..always :)

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Do not ever take what some persons say on your posts to your heart. Carry on with what your conscience says. I am sure your parents will be proud that you have grown wise as this post indicates. All the best for your wishes to come true soon.

Take care

aritra the daydreamer said...

oops i missed out...
Happy Birthday(belated though)

anyway tomar misti lekhagulor frequency barao please.Barite bose bose ekhon bhison bore hochhir ar majhe clg life niye nostalgic hoye porchi

Sweatha Sanjana said...

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Hippie Holly said...

Happy happy belated birthday, I love your attitude to growing up not old :)Old is an ugly word. Hope you had a wonderful wonderful day :)

Sovina said...

hey babes..what's up? thanks for your lovely comments on the blog :)

Nusrath said...


G is lucky! :))

The Goddess of Boho said...

My dear Sulagna! Happy, happy birthday to you. The picture is terrific. Your husband looks a wee bit like makrand Deshpande.
Anywaaaay, mail me your address asap. I'll send a pair of dhoti pants to you :)


Kanika Bahl said...

So taking the blogger meet forward...when and where...?? do we have a list of pune bloggers??

Let me know

snehal watwe welde said...

Thank you for sharing this great post...I agree with all your thoughts about growing old ...and me thinks same .
thanks for becoming a follower...hope to read more of your blogs

snehal watwe welde said...

Thank you for sharing this great post...I agree with all your thoughts about growing old ...and me thinks same .
thanks for becoming a follower...hope to read more of your blogs

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