Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mumbai May 17th 2009

Anushua took a few seconds to figure out what was happening. Kabir stood outside her door with the most awkward smile he could muster and she stood wearing the most shabby pyjama she had.

he: hey hi

she:ohhh hiii...damnn you surprised me

he:*smiles* and you damn me for it

she:oh naye naye i just..you know..umm..come in

he:i was thinking ,if we could go our for a drive, i am yet to smoke ,remeber i told you this two hours back

she: *smiles* cool..come and sit, i will be ready in a while

Kabir walked into dimly lit room,.with a bright orange and yellow cloth lampshade, a bed with the worlds most colorful bedsheet he had ever seen (its so feminine) thats what he said, as he decided to sit either on the bed or the pink bean bag..he chose the later. He looked around the room,neatly kept with a small stack of books on a bamboo shelf,pink and blue net curtains,a footrug at the bedfront saying "wake up sunshine: in yellow and red. Not far away was Waio,which was playing some kind of piano music(so unlike her) he thought. a tiny TV on a wooden trunk sat in one corner,switched off and covered with white lace. Adjoining the drawing room was the kitchen,which he could make out from the beaded purple curtains also housed her cupboard,painted in white and with lots of graphiti on it. He glued his eyes to the Red Bull fridge in the kitchen with the glass door and blue neon lights inside,which glowed as she bent and opened it to take out soemthing..a can of coke. Adjoining the kitchen was the door to the loo perhaps which eh heard slam open and close as she ran in to change.

Anushua was having trouble inside,her heart was beating too loud and her smile was giving away all the excitement which she dint want to flaunt to Kabir the first time itself. She picked up the mid rib jeans(no low waist with this guy at least) and a decent black top,with a decent neckline.she looked at herself in the mirror and said "decent" dabbed a little lip gloss(umm the mango one would smell nice) a little kajal and brushed her hair. Sprayed some davidoff on her top and also the hair.

She took a can of coke and walked out of the kitchen to where he was sitting(mentally made a note to pull his leg on the pink bean bag) and took the house keys

he:ready? so fast

she: i took 13 minutes exactly, and you say thats fast..must say your patience level impresses me

he:reaally?i thought i am the one who has little patience considering i called you..

she:*smiles* chalo lets go

As they walked down the stairs to the parking,she kept saying to herself *this is too good to be true this is too good to be true*
He thought *hmmm where do i drive her now? i have to stop at teh ATM,was there an HDFC ATM on the way here*?

she: so where are we going?

he:ummm..actually to an ATM..*fuck absolutely the wrng thing to say to a girl*

she:ohhkkk ..there is no HDFC ATM here

he:There is one next to my building (smiles)

she: we are going to Vashi (smiles)

As she sat in the car she smiled*i am in the aquafina guys car..omg this is crazy*

As the dawn set in,the car drove down the empty roads of new mumbai,and the Dure Straits sang "Romeo and Juliet"

she: uhh which song is this

he: you got to be kidding em??you dont know this one

she:nayeee so what..do you know The Corrs or Shania Twain or..

He: yeah i have heard of some, by the way if you have not heard the Dire Straits then great is hall educate you on music.

She:hmmm..i will educate you on...on..we'll see

As he parked his car in front of the ATM she looked at herself in the mirror,her kajal had not smudged yet,she took out the gloss and dabbed it quickly before he saw her doin it.

He came out of the ATM and she peeped at him,between the strands of her hair*ohh shit his smile is soo cute*

He: hey you wanna go out for coffee?? there is this tapri( a road side tea shop in Mumbai is called Tapri) which opens at 7 ,another 2 hours ..till then we can..umm...you can come home if you are ok

Now this was a super tricky question sayinga yes would mean "easily available" saying a no would eman waiting another weak for this opportunity on next weekend

she:sure..chalo *smiles and crosses her fingers*

As she got inside the lift with Kabir next to her,the closeness struck her with such an enormity that she wanted to run out and go home to her cup of maggi. But here was a bigger force pulling her, she was scared,she knew where this was heading,it looked familiar. The last time she was in love,she was too busy hearing the sound o her heart breaking to know which month of the year it was. She dint want it to happen this time and anywyas Kabir was too good to eb true..there had to be a star amrk somewhere with tiny footnote saying"engaged,gay,just friends"

he: my house aint as clean as yours okie..so dont kind*damn what a lame thing to tell a girl*

As she walked in the house teh first thing she saw was

A hugeeee TV on a three legged table(oiginaly meant to have 4 legs)
a huge shoe stand
a mirror
a bamboo stool
a photo frame

As kabir ran around the house, he switched on the AC in the other room*her alarm bells rang once* her eyes darted towards the bedroom,which had one floor bed,with a clean bedsheet and two pillows...they were maroon*hehehe maroon bedsheets in the AVP's bed*

As she sat on the bed on the floor,with her back resting on the wall,he sat opposite on the bamboo stool with his legs stretched out*clean feet* she thought

He: so dont you miss your parents

As she went on telling him about her house,her parents,her wish of having a black Labrador,her friends and how she was a president level guide and knew how to knot in 12 different styles, he was mazed by her. He could not fathom which was the girl he liked this scatter brain who kept talking and ensured his smile stayed on his face,or the girl who kept her eyes on him and eyes him as though she would devour him(he liked the sound of the latter though)

And she stopped talking, as he bent down and held her face in his palm and kissed her gently. She closed her eyes and without letting her mind stop her she felt his lips on hers. As his hand gripped hers tightly she felt his fingers running through her hair. He was taken aback by the subtle and wild outburst of emotions he had but all that he felt was her bitting on his lips..she stumbled and lied on the bed as he felt her shaking body under him.


Ramit said...


Queenmatrai said...

Ooohh the chills of puppy love :)


Ramit said...

Finally they're in bed.


Took them so long!


Hope he isn't that slow too...


Sunakshi said...

Candy for ya di xP

sulagna said...

Queen you stepped on my blog :) i am honoured HRH

Bowing down

sulagna said...

Ramit..saaley :) :)

i leave it at that

sulagna said...

sunakshi :) thanks sweety ...

Rohit Dassani said...

Kya baat hai...apka fantasy men....toh rocking hai!!

Rohit Dassani said...

I just love davidoff...and especially gurls who use davidoff...also loved the 12 knot wala things...nice yaar!!

Ramit said...

What, just this? Isn't he going to do anything else now that she's finally under him?

And yeah remember to...


Can't say it here...



Raj said...

hope this isn't the ending. it just keeps getting better and better.

sulagna i cant help the blog owner approval thingy.

Anonymous said...

saucy stuff

Anonymous said...

ooh :D

oRange* said...


but certainly not a good time for me to read this :(

Pesto Sauce said...

All's well that ends well...I will now listen more patiently to chick-lits, never know may prove lucky in end

And someone is very curious to know my name. Can we make this more interesting? You guess the first letter of my name and I let you know who I am

DayDreamer said...

This is Great!!

Was waiting for this post for long.. and I must confess it did not disappoint me..

Hope this is not the ending..

Waiting for more..


Sid said...

hey this is my first time here but this was a very interesting read... looking fwd 2 more

funkyrave said...

Hey after reading the posts, it compelled me to read others! found awesome, great writing style,loved the bracketed mental notes! and homourous tinge(I always find this very tough),the vivid description notes as if I could imagine your mind, Keep writing You will rock :)
Would love to pick your book one day ;)

funkyrave said...

and PS: guys do have a lot of patience, its just situational ;)

Iced Eskimo said...

delhi may 17th 2009 i was experiencing the same thing as anushua with my guy ;)

let ur next post have some visitor count LOL

♥ing it ! :)

Disguise said...

Okay, this is a very creepy story. What happened between the 12th of July boy and me was somewhat similar.
But yeah, one word can sum it up - wow! :)

Suprabhat Mukherjee said...

Whoa! The inevitable...what people have been waiting for...has happened! Not come accross any writer yet who would have given it a different end/begining of the end. Don't intend to either. As my fav actress Ms Dhupia says-sex sells. Yes, Yes, Yes.... I want more! Of biting and stuff.

Asif said...

Hey my first time here...Nice to read such a dreamy Love story...It was soo captivating and i've read the full series of Anusha and Kabir. Loved every bit of it.But i'm a bit sad that it went down to the final stage so soon. ;)
Nice to see that girls watch the feet as well. Never knew this before :D Ha ha ha
Anyways looking forward to read more of such captivating things.
I wonder why our indian film industry is still not thinking of taking your scripts....:)

Asif said...

Did i say that you have a very good observation???
Hmm dont take it as compliment :D
Well it is one though....
Keep Posting...

sulagna said...

This is Mrs Sulagna Mukherjee replying to Mr Suprabhat Mukherjee : Baby i dint over do it ..did I?? Just a tiny glimpse of sex(err....love)

and oh did the date strike a bell..m sure you dint even notice it :)

the last para strikes a bell..Now?? ha??

Suprabhat Mukherjee said...

Absolutely not! I think it was very subtely put. Only that it becomes remarkably unsurprising. No one is compaining though!

Oh yes, you bet. Noticed all t's and i's. Strikes a lot of bells :)

sulagna said...

T's and I's??? ki bolcho baby?? bujhte paarlaam na :(

*the dumb look on my face*

Sorcerer said...



and then...

Thousif Raza said...

this has gone in the direction i completly dint expect, so fast... i thought slow was in.... this is like a fast food on a slow shimla day.... hmmmm, has set me thinking....

another question hai ji, is it fiction or....?

take care and keep writing........

Ramit said...

Er... Suprabhat bhaiya ji? Stop talking in code words with your wife! Tell us too!

How is the date important?

Tell us!

Oh please tell us!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

wow~! they kiss *reliving their moment of glory* haha..nice.super nice..its really getting more and more sweet and exciting XP

mohit said...

gave me goosebumps...the good kind ;)

you do know your fan following is going to shoot across the ceiling if you keep writing such...ermm...'interesting' stuff , na? :D

if only things go as expected....bring a twist in the tale !

Happy Neww year !

nil said...


I love this. Want more! Quick!
Taratari! [You're Bong naa?]


DiDo said...

wow...... good good.. i dint buy any new mills n boons... m getting to read even more interesting romantic storyy here...

Continueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plzzzz :P :P heheh... lovelyy sulagna.. awesomeee

Vinay Sharma said...

great one ! .. actually the comment thread is also fun ;) .. waiting for ur next deal ..

Piyush Agarwal said...


Read the whole series, quite engrossing...enjoyed every bit. I am glad I din have to go through the anticipation of what happens next as some of your regular readers must have gone through...

BTW, this was my first visit to your blog...via my friend Rohit's blog..m glad I looked into it! Good writing.. :) trying to kick-start my blog too...www.piyushagarwal.com

Dew drops said...

Lovely blog..U simply are awesome!!!

Dew drops said...

Lovely blog..U simply are awesome!!!

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