Friday, January 22, 2010

Exotic bachelor parties and hickies..all in the ladies loo

I have been away form my blog for a long while, and what has prompted me faster to return is not just that my event went off well(for which i was in mumbai for 20hours) but also all you guys who have sent me mails and written on my face book wall..thank you so much..everyone...

i have been kind of at a loss of ideas on what to write since

1.i was too caught up with work,therefore not having time to visit your blogs

2. a little troubled had creeped into my paradise,but the damage has been controlled

3. i dint get much time at home so i could not do my marital musings

4.telecom and braodband were of more importance in my life for a week than my usual wassup and howdies

Our event was at one of Mumbai's most posh 5 star properties,near the airport. so since we were the organizers,i had to be at the hotel when the marbles were being wiped and fresh flowers were being placed in vases. i was in a saree which meant making sure my drapes are in place every one hour,since i dont wear a saaree frequently but would love to.

Scene 1

I stood in front of the mirror trying to decide if i should pleate the edge of my saree or let it fall over my shoulder. I saw two very well dressed women..well dressed here refers specially to beautifully manicured feet and a gucci bag(this si enough to make some one well dressed)

lady 1: did you hear about jennifer? she is in London again

lady2: what?? why??/ i thought things were fine with her husband now..

lady1: things are not fine dear,she iss till not wearing the wedding rign he had given her,she has some other ring on that finger..i noticed

lady 2:ohhh i pity Rohit..he has to go through so much for ehr

lady1 : it is completely jennifers fault,why does she always ahve to tag with him..Rohit had gone for sandy's bachelor party and apprently,jennifer went at 3 on the pretext of picking him up since he would be drunk..poor rohit,everyone was laughing behind his back

lady2: ohh these bachelor parties..i dont know why do they ahve to make it so exotice..

lady 1: abhisheks was awesome,i heard he had some Mongolian contortonist artists there

lady 2: ohh my gawdd..they cpme with feathers and all attached to their dress

By now i had forgotten what was i doing and listening too intently to their conversation. However when they both went inside the loo i smiled and walked off

Scene 2:

two young girls, probably college student walk inside the loo when i was trying to pin my saree.

Girl 1: shit maaan!! its so warm inside but i have to wear this damn scarf

girl2: nikal le na(take it off)

girl1:nooo i cant ...i got a hicki (giggles)

girl2: nooo meeee

girl1: last night when he dropped me back home ,tab hua (giggles again)

girl2: dint your mom see?

girl1:noo ya i was wearing a salwaar kameez today at home and then when i was stepping out i wore the scarf

girl2:aree i heard if you ruba crocin there for sometime the mark goes

girl1: nooo but i want it ya...tomorrow in college i am not wearing any scarf for sure..anyways everyone knows Vicki and i are seeing eachother

Girl2: acah a gimme the new lip shade you brought last week..need to try

as they started egttign busyw ith their make -up i moved out

there are two more scenes i need to tell you..but later..i hate long posts..


nil said...

Ahahah,loved it.
Concept taa shotti mojedaar chilo!!
Loos can be so much fun :P
I agree!!

sulagna said...

wait till i tell you about my conversations on second marriages with a woman i had while we both touched upon our make-up

The Bald Guy said...

Lol, The hicky thing is so funny. Wonder when I got my last one. Hmmm...

The Bald Guy said...

Gah! Don't remember! :(

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Oh, eavesdropping is the best :D That is why I just don't understand boredom - when there are people around there is endless entertainment (even just in their mundane conversations...not often you get to hear such as these :D)

Queenmatrai said...

Ooohhh sounds like a fun place to hang out...Which hotel was this in?

Hickies eh...Gosh I can't remember the last one I got either...


mohit said...

now that's exactly what we all want to hear ;)

Iced Eskimo said...

lol i so agree with Wicked Witch of the West (such a long id! WWW is better)

i want a hicky to flaunt alsoooooooooo. Hickys are so cute. The word itself is so cute. Hicky. Cute..

Yeah I hate long posts too, to read and to write. Saaree oooh, love it, it's the best attire ever. Not the most comfortable but looks gorgeous on almost everyone. Just so feminine, like a gown.

Manjari Singh said...

sulagna m very much here.
would write soon.
Ya, know what? we are a gang of 3 girls and we loveeeeeeee talking about others. We call it PANCHAYAT. its really fun

n yes hickyyyyyyyy mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

would search u on facebook

Rohit Dassani said...

Ok 1 question : Why me again?

Anyways...crocin se hickie chali jati hai,... thankzz!! lolzzz

What u were busy.... u must be busy preparing Torkaris after Torkaris......!!



Huhuhuhuhuhu (new one)

*Shreya* said...

hickies. talk to me about them. i go to one such college those girls were prolly talking about.

you should'v told them: pressing a frozen spoon against it helps.

i eavesdropped on a convo and got THAT info okay? :P

*Shreya* said...

i wonder what they talk about in guy-loo's btw :D

oRange* said...

haha! eavesdropping is like a hobby of mine :P
and no place can be more appropriate than the ladies loo!

yeah, frozen coin bhi chalta hain :P

HaRy!! said...

I'll not say these as eavesdroping :) !first one was the best! :).... train travel is the best... yu hear a lot...esp when they are on phone we can make up more stories:) cya around


♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

:D Nice!!!!
looks like everyone is returning to blogging this season!! :D
i am too!!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

well..i know the feeling of being busy though im always present here in blogosphere..

anyway..nice scenes..wahaha..gossip girl truly knows exciting stories..heeh :)

looking forward fro the next scenes you've watched or heard in your job

Mads... said...

heyy..ya rlly readin u after a long tyme..but beleive me u've cum up wid a spicy nd yr observing power, mygoodness made it so interesting nd fun 2 read..njoyed..:)

Sorcerer said...

Err.the hicki thing was funny for me.

See you have showed the loo can be a place to learn new things..
crocin thingy!!

DayDreamer said...

Hey Sulagna..

Glad to see you back..with your posts..
Its a funny post..You never know where you might be inspired..
Thanks you for providing us an insight into the otherwise restricted world for the males..

It was fun to to know..what goes inside..

Chocolate Lover said...

haha1 eavesdroping! :)

Disguise said...

How can I not love your posts? (:
Hickeyyyyy. Oh my! I remember the hickey on my ...let's just leave it at that.

Jack said...


Must warn people to be careful while talking when you are around. LOL. Makes one have good laugh.

Take care

Dew drops said...

Simply love your work..and somehow you made me remember "simply alone" by advita.. U rock !!

Nandita P. said...

lol...gud one...
i really lyk ur posts alot :D
lukin forward to many more soon :)

Sid said...

Agree women's loo are interesting...for all the rite reasons ;)
The only good thing u will get in a Guy's loo are comments like "If u can piss above this line, the fire brigade needs u" :P

Thousif Raza said...

eves dropping hain :P, but i kinda liked it......

take care and keep writing..........................

санжог said...

contortionists really!!

It must be really amusing to be around wannabes.

Puts on blond wig and goes" Last time like I was having my manicure and like i was reading cosmopolitan and like it was so awesome, and like I thought the manicurist broke my toe nail, but it didn't and like I was so glad...that's it"

Look my bf gave me a hickey, he is from Transylvania !!

Anonymous said...

Seems written in hurry going by spelling errors

Rishi said...

ahh.. mumbai.. gossips at galore...

we have more gossip than whole of any other city with rumors...

but we like to talk it.. esp in frnt of strangers

coz we know they won't be listening ... right??

SG said...

Love the post. Quite interesting conversation.

Raj said...

and i thought me being hot was what refrained u from our conversations. :P

bachelor parties n hickies. who else cud get us a dose of that but u? :P


n u wore a saree? hmm...*deep in thought as if trying 2 visualize something beautiful*

Raj said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Raj said...

you should try acting. i m sure u d beat Sandra bullock to the oscars.
proper waali acting na...
blushing n everything. :p

n then u can wear a Saree too. bet Sandra bullock couldn't achieve that.

and of course...wahaan ki 'hikies'...
'bachelor parties'

feel free to delete :D

Anonymous said...


Pesto Sauce said...

I get curious at times what happens in girls loo....for one they are more noisy

Vinay Sharma said...

nice :) ..

.. you will continue to be the same.. outspoken as ever

Mads... said...

quite a high tyme..nw cum up wid nxt part..hehe..:)

Asif said...

"Woolaaalaalla loolaylo, Woolaaalaallalayo"
Waiting for the other two scenes :)
Your style of writing is very captivating.
Why dont you continue the kabir's story by just removing off the ending part. You can make a small series or may be a novel of it.
The really enjoyed the courtship period you expressed.

Rhapsody said...

lol..funny post :)

Anonymous said...

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