Sunday, October 4, 2009

Festival of Lights....and lots more

When I start thinking of getting into the old super sparkling salwaar kameez

when i start counting my calories for the weeks to come

when the neighbours starts cleaning the house and washing the curtains

when the watchman gets extra vigilent at night to get some more "bokshish"(tips)

when the newspaper carries less news and more adds of "flat 33% off"

when VLCC promises to offer "loose 5 KG's in 2 weeks"

when the maarwari(business class people) shops outside start painting the shutters

when Cadburys goes overboard campaigning for"kuch mitha ho jaaye"(lets have something sweet)

when everyday bank balances are checked to see if there is enough balance for the predicted future

when "lokhi'r paa" (feet of godess of wealth,Lakshmi drawn outside homes to welcome her)is drawn outside the houses with rice powder

when ma starts calling and saying"beshi taaka khorcha korbi na"(dont spend too much money)

when the children start counting money from the piggy banks to check the net asset value

when my bai starts getting extra punctual in the morning to ensure i am not late for work

when "yatra .com" always seems to be slow due to high traffic of ticket bookings

when everyone's credit cards are used full throttle

when late night conversations in the house run around"drinks, starters,taash,mithai"

when work in office gets a little slow inspite of nearing deadlines

when "G" decides to make life "jhingalala" by purchasing the new Tata Sky for less

when Joshi and Deshpandey aunty finish lunch fast to rush to the parlour

when every "phoolwalla"(flower seller) is monopolistic selling marygolds

when footsteps around the house are taken carefully not to spoil the rangoli (colourful motifs drawn with coloured dust around the house and at the doorsteps)

when doors are open to let everyone in

when smiling faces light up the dark

when life sparkles even in the darkness

when we are all told"good triumphs over evil"

when prayers whisperd from our lips,echo around us

when the flame of the aarti(ritual of worshiping the Gods by lighting a fire in a small brass utensil) cleanses the soul

when the smell of "ghee"(clarified butter) drenched sweets and diyas trigger your memories

when the night sky is more awaited than the sunshine....



Simply Manasi said...

Wow...sheer nostalgia !

sulagna chatterjee said...

thanks girl :) your comments are always sought after...

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