Monday, September 7, 2009

missing the wild side

i hate it in life ,in the lift or early morning cell phones..i absolutely hate the sound of it going off at 7 to announce"hey there one more day at the F**** office for you" but when i turn around to wake up G,its all worth it. Seeing the man sleep so peacefully is probably the best way to begin my days..needless to say what follows is asking the maid to use less oil,water the plants,even though G is scandalised seeing me water plants in the balcony wearing a green towel,i continue running around the house packing lunchboxes, closing windows,kissing goodbyes and then some time for myself..a 5 minute bath and 10 minutes of lone quality "dressing table" time...that's where i noticed the change.

Dressing up for me meant silver sequined mini skirts with a purple top and silver peep toes...but now it all vanished..i sit here blogging about the old"me" wearing a grey suit with black pumps,the pointed and shiny one, a black top and my hair done up high with pins in a clean chignon..

i guess i complete the look of the well dressed " prof" but i miss my sequined skirts and purple blotch tops.i miss not combing my hair and walking off to college, i miss wearing shorts and moving around in chappals (slippers)with yellow and blue nail paints, i miss eating muffins with coffee(i am trying to avoid carbs and coffee) i miss being able to ask money from dad to buy tickets,i miss all that and so uch bunch of friends for night-outs and my old chindi pyjamas...

p.s: chocolate muffins and coffee goes great !!! especially if you have them in purple cups and me ,thats my secret to"feel good"


AB said...

Ha ha never tried chocolate muffins in purple plates. Maybe I should hunt down a plate that is coloured so or prolly even better paint one and then place my muffin in it?;)

sulagna chatterjee said...

yezz yezz like they say purple is i really suggest purple paltes and chocolate muffins to lift up your all the time!!!

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