Tuesday, September 8, 2009

life and "To Do's"

hi, i wanted to write something in my blog but you know...i dint have much of my imagination helping me..been home all day yesterday so dint have nay interesting conversations which i could write about, didnt go shopping either so i could crib about my bankruptcy and all i did was stay at home and cook..just one of the days when i like staying back home,cooking up a nice meal for G at night,catching up on what are the "to do's" in the house..i finished a lot of work yesterday
1.cleaned the library
2.made chicken lasagna
3.clean the fridge off all the old post it's
4.made a new entry in my verandah garden of yellow flowers..Elli(The crazy Chinky faltmake from college days) had come over for lunch and got me these yellow and white beauties..pics shall be up when they are in full bloom
5.cleaned the wash basins and chipped my nailpolish
6.did some good home made feet treatment in warm water
7.slept till 10 and took a bath in cold water cus the heating system was defunct.
8.and finally i set up our bedside table again with some chic mat,feng shui love ducks,a photograph of G and me,some ornate candles and a bunch of red roses.

here is the sneak peek...


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