Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Of Success and sexuality...

i just got back from an HR conference..mind blowing as it was i have managed to get myself dead with throbbing temples..A deadly migraine attack courtesy the 4 hour ordeal.

It began at 9 in the morning, only present were the organizers who later on i heard said"everything went as planned' the program had begun at 9:45 when all the guests had arrived. I was not too keen on attending this but an overzealous boss, a lazy colleague ensured i reach the venue at 9. As i made myself comfortable somewhere in the 6th row from the podium i promised myself"sulagna now that you are here, meet people who might hire you and pay you more than the peanuts you earn" with this promise to myself i waited for the first speaker

a 5o year old gentleman with a 20 year old laptop and 3 cm long eyes , was our first speaker.In an effort to listen carefully and look at him,i ended up realising his face was like an optical illuision ,sarching for his eyes was the high-point of his session.He kept running everyone through a 56 slides powerpoint,briefing us on what intellectual capital is all about.i agree i sound probably 1% more intelligent when i use this word but it was absolutely gibberish..considering there were 5 other speakers after him saying the same thing.The last speaker was a gentleman from some top IT company in Banagalore who could not keep his hands from swaying..i mean this gentle man was in the HR field for 35 years and is at a supremely power position ..but all that feminity with the "sway" of hands and gestures absolutely ruined it all.also at the summit was a lady who turned out to be the batchmate of the gay guy and were meeting after " aaages" as she put it. And surprisingly enough she was anythign but a woman except perhaps fro the shade of lipstick she had put. The lady could not keep her smile under one of my worried male colleagues said"su she keeps smiling at me...i dont know how to respond" poor chap staying with a super possesive girlfriend has amde him forget how to smile at females..but correction here!! this aldy seemed anything but feminine..going by the wide angle between her legs as she sat across on a chair, or the way she kep running her fingers over her face, as though combing through an imaginary beard..

I dont know what got my attention more between these tow mistaken sexuall identies..the gay guy or the macho chic...but all in all i cant afford to think any further as my migraine is killing me.


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