Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Google search for "love"

they have this age old saying"pyaar toh dhundne se bhi nahi milta" (even if you search for love you wont get it) its all destiny. But today i just searched on love and found that its not all that difficult to find...or not find actually.

the first search result was "Love aaj Kal" which makes me wonder about the abuthenticicity of the revered search engine, if it pops out love aajkal if i ams earching for love..so i am supposed to understand that love is all about "Love Aajkal" with Deepika leaning against Chote Nawab. Of course along with Saif's name Bebo's name came up related to some comments on the movie..so as if saif's tattoo wasnt enough now the net links the couple together..so does that mean if i search for rape i will definitly hit on Shiney Ahuja's name or if i search for music inspiration i will get to Pritam the music "composer"

My next search result for "love' was even more interesting i should say..it went on to discuss a survey on "people in love are blind to pretty faces" my questions
1.who comes up with such a crucial question..is the NASA think thank listening..you have source of potential intellect here.
2.who conducts such surveys?
3.who participates such surveys
and finally most importantly
4.who needs them anyways?

My third search result was probably even better..it landed me on website claiming"calculate the chances of a successful relationship between two people" on www.thelovecalculator.com. Now i will be damned if any one of you reading this blog is contemplating to check your love life scores here...one word for them..loosers!!! my advice to them chase not the calculator my friend,chase thee chick

And finally ..lo and behold i get to the wikipedia meaning of love..a strong emotion which causes attraction and many other feelings in one..yeah..now this is what we like..attraction?love? i thought love was blind and love is beyond physical attraction...ohh no no thats sex ...thats not love..when you love people you just think of words like love love and more lust...oopss love i mean!!

But something that i want to share with you guys during my bizzare search for love

"I laugh,i love,i hope , i try ,i hurt, i fear, i cry. And i know you do the same things too, so we're really not that different.Me and you"


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