Friday, October 21, 2016

I am back

Hi there,

This is awkward, almost like getting to introduce yourself to someone new, almost like wondering "how do i start ".
I have been missing here for 2 years now, but in these two years a lot of  days went by where i dint know how the hours vanished . Nights went by when i woke up and in the moonlight saw G snoring next to me and Pinkshine sleep without the blanket inspite of my numerous attempts at putting that blanket back on. In the past two years weeks went by where i managed to stay afloat on my own without G being a round as he went around fixing bugs in organisations that boasted of Sushi for lunch and Sea weed for dinner. There were moments when I cursed G (not under my breath but pretty loud and clear ) and wished we had never met and the very next moment I would thank God for having sent him in my life. There were times when i sat crouched at the edge of the hospital bed and watched Pinkshine snore softly as the needle with the drip turned her gentle skin blue. I fought demons of time, I defeated my own doubts , i took medicines to fight back cycsts in my stomach which had a terrible way of announcing their presence in my body. There was a time I took out my crisp ironed clothes, said a little prayer and headed to a new workplace,leaving behind the comfort of a 6 year old relationship with my previous employer.
There is a memory of getting knocked down by an autorickshaw and giving up riding a bike, there have been several boarding passes issued and lonely hotel rooms slept in. I tried being Vegan in between but failed miserably in 3 hours when someone announced we are going out for a Biryani party. I also think i mastered the art of kick boxing.
So ...i think i started well, i missed writing ..but now that the password has been found, time could still be a challenege..but I want to write again.

This blog has won me amazing memories and some beautiful friends whom i met in the past 2 years that i went missing..Its been a beautiful 2 years, with a daughter who wants to dress up as toothaste for her fancy dress competition and her father who wants me to make her dries to look like french fries.

So while i get busy making memories let me also send a prayer for all of you..may you always find a reason to smile, every night, when you go to bed.



Renu said...

Welcome back !

sulagna said...

:) Thank you Renu..its been a long time

Khush said...

Welcome back, missed reading your blog! I visited it quite frequently in the hope that you'd have written something! Keep writing....

maithili said...

Welcome back and please start writing more :)

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