Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Art Of Married Conversations

The art of married conversations is like a skill, which man and woman master with every passing phone bill and visit of relatives.

He: I called your parents today from office..had some time in between my sutta break so made a call to Ma

Me: Oh did you thank her for the Kurta she sent for you ?

He: Yes baby and also said that you looked very pretty in the blue suit she sent for you

Me: awww does baby wana have some chicken Lasagna and pound cake for dinner tonight ??

Verdict : one call earns a man one exotic dinner and dessert(yes you can use your imagination for the dessert)

Visits from both sets of parents is mandatory in married life, there are lot of benefits, of course it varied on WHO'S parents are coming.

Me: I have asked ma baba to come to Pune in June, Since Jamshedpur will be every hot during summers.

He: ok

Me: I told them just to get the one way tickets,return tickets we can do from here ?

He :ok

Me: It will be fun na..they will see our new i am so excited

He : Yaa

Me: Whats wrong with you ya, you are not saying anything ??aami shudo kotha bolbo ki (In Bengali: Am I the only one who will talk?)

He: Ya will be fun

Verdict : some conversations naturally leave men dumbfound and nothing can be done to change it.

Of course the pattern of conversation varies when his parents are visiting

He : Did you speak to Ma today?

me : which one??jamshedpur??

He : No no Mumbai..

Me: Oh naii was pretty busy at office so could not call them, had spoken two days back.

He: They are coming next sunday.

Me: Oh

Me: But we were planning to got to Lavasa next weekend

He : will be fun,they will also come

Me : yaa

Verdict : Always place yourself in the spouse's shoes when you show your excitement about a parents visiting

Visits to relatives places are of equal importance, since your clothes shall portray more about you than what you actually are

Me : Baby one of my far off cousins is in Pune for some work, so i was thinking of meeting her for Lunch.

He : oh..when?

Me : Sunday afternoon

He : which cousin?

Me : my cousin, her husband and their baby, so we will need to first stop at the mall, pick up some gifts for the baby and then go.

He : Oh..i remember they had come for our wedding

me: Goddd baby they hadnt ..that was Tutul Di who stays in Calcutta..this is Piu didi..offf ki korbo ei lok ta niye(In Bengali : what do i do with this man )

So sunday noon as we drive down to the mall

He: Where do you want to go, which shop ?

Me : i dunno suggest na..i am the one who is always suggesting .

He : ohh oki then how about Shoppers Stop? they have a nice kids section

me : ey nahii this is the first time we are giving something to the baby , should be something like Benetton or Lacoste

He: hmmmm

As we finish our buying and head towards the hotel he asks " why did you suggest Barbecue Nation, its so far?

me : offf ya baby, its a nice place and chindi crowd ..areee why you wearing this shirt??

He : I thought you will like got me this Tommy

Me: ohoo it looks like you are flashing brands, achha roll the sleeves , tat way the Hilfiger brand wont show

So finally after the lunch and the "come over to Muscat" and " next time stay at our place " we were driving back home

Me : Rishi Da was nice na?

he : ya

Me : Piu didi too is so adorable ?

he : Ya

me : And oh the baby actually came to you..i am so proud of you?

He : ya

Me: Thank youuu about some fried prawns and Vodka in the evening ?? You must be tired since we are out since 10 in the morning??

And as he drives, i place my hand on his left leg and see that tiny smile

Verdict : all is well that ends with a Vodka


Disguise said...

I love these conversationss! Especially the first oneee. :D

nil said...

Hahahaaha! The last line was super kick ass!
Love it :D

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

these conversations were so sweet...i envy you for having him..hehehe,...:D

visit my blog if you have time ^_^

ki said...

he he he :D

The Bald Guy said...

" some conversations naturally leave men dumbfound and nothing can be done to change it "

Er... No comments!


Luscious Sealed Lips said...


Vodka does the trick for me too. ;)


Vanathi said...

LOL... "all is well that ends with a Vodka".
Nice post+'effective tips'+blog. Keep writing!

Wh1sky said...
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Raj said...

vodka. desert. chicken lasagna? some people have all the luck in the world!

anyways, dont talk of creativity, it hurts ok :(

Ria said...

lol!!the conversations were too good. A matter of time before i start having such conversations.

oRange* said...

awh, so cuteee!
I have to see you guys in person man! You both are just so adorable :)

Jack said...


Can not stop laughing. What fun you people have.

Take care

Harini said...

heheh... the 1st and last were the best :P.

Asif said...

hehehe Hmmm bribing such a gentleman with food and drinks??? Thats not good sulagna :P
Love the way you express. Sometimes you picture heaven with even the most common things of life.
Still LOL at "chindi crowd" and "roll the sleeves". You really talk like that to the brainy six footer or is it just your imagination? :P

Thousif Raza said...

i loved it... you know you guys have the perfect undertsnading i have seen in a couple.... and that makes it know... i always say this, its so beautiful....

i never thought that there would be a 'perfect made for each other', but you guys break that illusion of mine, with a sweet smile, and a strong vodka ;)

and blog visit karo bhai... i have put up a small post, so expecting you :)
take care and keep writing.............

Di said...

lollll... all is well that ends with a Vodka. suuuure. ok i'm learning a lot from you man :*

Sorcerer said...

: some conversations naturally leave men dumbfound and nothing can be done to change it.

Well!!! not really!!!
We are using our highly evolved brain for profound and deep thinking!!

nice ones..the conversationQ

aritra the daydreamer said...


Vintage Obsession said...

You make marriage sound like one hell of a fun thing to do:)

Aparna said...

Awesome one n as usual gets a big big smileyyy on my face :D :D :D

suruchi said...

Hi Su...
Cute to the core again...
You woman, are more consistent than Sachin Tendulkar....
Hope you had fun at Lavasa...

The shoppers stop n Benetton competition and then folding of the poor Tommy...classic;-)only we women can do such in depth analysis over nothing:-)

And all’s well that ends with a vodka????????
Baby you didn’t tell us vodka over what?;-)

Chandrika Shubham said...

hahaha! Interesting!

nil said...

Go to my blog,
you won an award lady :)

Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

Haha, some of these remind me of my parents :)

Raj said...

thought you would like to know, the creative genius is back. :P

DiDo said...

haha sulagna... loved the convo.. especially the parents visit one ;) :P hehe

mohit said...

you know what's so amazing...when I'm having conversations like these myself, down the line, I'm definitely gonna be well prepared...cuz of you guys !

SG said...

Interesting and enjoyable conversation.

And, all is well that ends with a vodka. You guys are our kind of guys. You both are welcome in our home at any time.

Simply Me said...

love the verdict !!

Nipun said...

Lovely conversations..:)
Women oh women..
What can a man say..:(
Vodka does the trick..
Love the blog..



p.s. Chek my page..

knk said...

i like your post

looks i heard before

Tripat "Prerna" said...

nice views verdict!

Pesto Sauce said...

All things end well with Vodka

I too had been to BBQ Nation recently...awesome place

I may relocate to Muscat soon...gimme ur relative's contacts...I need help there

சக்தி said...

The art of married conversations is like a skill, ..


bollywoodstylediaries said...

Nice blog!! loved this post - cute!!


Anonymous said...

That is so funny..and true so very true.. :D

And you forgot ..way to a man's heart is through his stomach..though you applied the principle a couple of times :D

Readers Dais said...

first time here...
liked ur style...

Bikram said...

Hmmmm .. I need to learn all these ARTS.. for sure .. loved this article .. i have seen this happen a lot in families ... :) nice one

Mads... said...

luvlyyy...amazingly superb way of portraying the convo..:)njoyed thoroughly..:):)

Mads... said...

luvlyyy...amazingly superb way of portraying the convo..:)njoyed thoroughly..:):)

Haddock said...

Hope your Dhania is sprouting ....

Nikita said...

hie sulagna..
frstly belated happy birthday..

loved dis one..
conversation gets so different after marriage...and dis one made me laugh whole heartedly - kaun si wali mom- jamshedpur or mumbai..quite funny.lolz..but it happens..

liked ur blog..

Phoenix said...

i cant stop smiling and reading and that is all that i have been doing...its been hours now and i know i cant stop until i read each and every post!!

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