Thursday, February 18, 2010

This ones for you guys!!!

I have been a little loaded with work,which explains my absence from blogs and FB and Orkut, but lemme tell you guys that i genuinely miss reading your words, genuinely am scared of loosing touch with you this post is for everyone everyone, who has made me write this post by their little words :)

Thanks and i will be back soon...

When i think of a sweet and fresh smile, i think of Nil

when i think of someone who will make me laugh with his life as it is, i think of ramit

when i think of a benetton model who is 15 years old its dishari

when i think of naming my daughter(when i have one) i think of a beautiful name like shimkee

when i think of a nice super friendly "firangi" i think of Cathy

when i think of nobel behaviour and royalty its the queen

when i think of simple honest writing its thousif

when i see funny pictures i think of madhu

And oh Mansi i get confused with your blog cuz i have another friend called manasi, but then who else has the display pic of green smileys on Fb,other than you

an honest and witty comment will be from Rishi(i removed my music thingy for you)


Rohit, you can still think of getting the tattoo done

Maria your roving eye always brings a smile on my face

and Dev, i like you more coz you were among my first 10 followers

Another warm and lovely gori(foreigner) is Rachael

Little girls with beautiful knack for real poetry, sunakshi Shree Ayuu and Aditi

A young boy with his thoughts so ignited on issues, Sid

New people in my blog with such heartfelt comments Dreamygal,scarlet ,duality,smrithi rao

Cinnamon Sunshine,even though she aint here, i love your words on fashion and the "hello my muffins"

And when i think of Macdonalds it reminds me of Bhanupriya with her display pic :)

Mads and manjari your comments toh are full phataka ones!!

And of all the merchants i ahve heard of, from Venice to Vietnam,the Huda merchant keeps amkign me wonder what a name ?? o wata name :)

Asif, you actually take the time to write em exactly what you feel when you read my posts

And oh my FB buddy Suruchi, you know your pyjama ka nada story still makes me smile

Raj,dint i tell you stay away from em cus you sound super alluring with your werewolf stories !

Funkyrave Freelancer and Shreya from the Captain of the Titanic, being aprt of the writers longe and following me, it makes me feel super special

Vinay your blog needs to be updated regularly,cuz you write so well

My favourite married woman Mnasi Seth, what do i say ..muaahh

And oh did i tell you, evrytime i think of people moving from one city to another there is Mohit on my mind

SG, i am still to figure out your name...and yes pesto suace, you are still not letting me know your name :(

Also J i wish you tonnes of luck and a warm hug for everything(esp the display pic with on the rocks)

Deepti i dunno where you get your awesoem shades from, but i do miss your frequency!!

Ki??? what happened :(

Dido"iiii wannaa thaaankk you" so much like the song

Dewdrops i hope you realise our comments are like conversations between people

And these days my life extends beyond blogs to mails with Jack uncle :)

Suprabhat complete me !!! i love you

Thank you each and everyone of you for getting me to my blog where the number of hits dont matter,the number of followers dont count, but this feeling of knowing so many wonderful people is precious!!

:) thanks guys


The Bald Guy said...

Oh Thank you darling.

Anxiously awaiting your return.

:) <3

Disguise said...

Awwwww! You made my day. :)

M@ria said...

Sulagna, that was very back soon. For a second i was like is this a goodbye post...but then naaah!
I read your last post on Pune, and coz I live there too..i was just so touched. I wanted to leave you a comment, but couldn't that day. Anyway, thanks for that post. Loved it much!

mohit said...

hey.. this was like the best part of my day

thank you ! [hugs]

Don't worry, we won't forget you anytime :D

nil said...

That was an extremely sweet post. And very very very nice of you.
Thank you :)

Oh yess! I miss you being frequent on the webs, but that's okay right?! You'll be back soon enough ;)

All my love,

Asif said...

Oh soo sweeet and wonderful post to acknowledge each and every reader...In fact you have done it so creatively.
It was really nice of you to remember each and every person’s name and style and to dedicate a whole post to all your readers.
Thanks alot !!!
Keep displaying your wonderful writing style and we will keep coming here to enjoy it!!! :)

Banupriya said...

Thats so sweet of you Sulagna Di... Now I know why u r so adorable to all and to G. Be soon back. Happy working!!!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

awww...thanks for mentioning me...we really miss you~!! always smile okay..?

love lots,
ayu x3

suruchi said...

oh yaar...
how do u manage to do this every time...get me in that "awwww..." mode when i want to reach over n give u a hug...
bigggggggggg hugs n muwaaaaaah:-)
stay simply stunning n sweet as u are...waitinggggggggggggggg now for the work load to lessen from ur fragile shoulders...;-)

Thousif Raza said...

thats so swt..... i will place it in blog with honor

miss you though :(

be back soon ok

take care and keep writing........

Manjari Singh said...

pataka comments!

oRange* said...

awwh :'(
that was superrr sweet!
you'll be greatly mished back soon!

mohit said...

n u look great in the new one !

Sid said...

Hey this was sweet... Taking time off and thinking abt every1 who visits ur blog.. excellent :)

Mads... said...

omg..!!! what a luvlyy way awsum dedication to yr readers..m totally amazed..thnkuuu so vry much dear...u sayin u r bsyy..n takin out yr precious tyme for sweet of ya..god bless..muaahhh..:):)

Dm said...

Wish i could be as comfortable with people as you are.. Hug

Sorcerer said...

I miss those muaahahahahahas

SG said...

Cant wait for you to come back. But will wait patiently.

My real name? I will send you a test email. And, you will know what it is. Just want to be a little incognito.

prajyot said...

ohh...superb huh..!!

Anonymous said...

Dats soooo sweeeeet sulagana ..So sweet of you to have mentioned every ones name wid apt lines for them :) tooooo good way to make up for your absence :)

Anonymous said...

hey bdw you have been tagged here :

Dew drops said...

o Dear.. that was so thoughtful of you!
Btw, M the greens miley mansi + dewdrops(i write thru this name) so were the 2 compliments for me.. ??N you have so much love inside you for life and people around.Its great knowing you!Be the same! Hugs... Hope to meet u smtime...

Jack said...


I am touched. May God bless you and give you many many more good friends.

Take care

Rohit Dassani said...

Hey, u scared the hell out of no tattoo....lolzz.....
thankz that was a nice try!!

well i am also taking a long break from my blog....will miss everyone especially you!!

J said...

aaaaaawww... merci merci merci!!! Seems like my display pic is gone.

smrithi rao said...

made my day :) reading my name in there :) be back soon:)

*Shreya* said...

you are THE sweet one :)

Sunakshi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sunakshi said...

I <3 this post.

You're always missed di.i literally miss your comments and posts which lit up my mood when i feel low.i've been absent from long time too,but have managed to scribble few posts :) come back soon ha.

Take utmost care of yourself..

Hugs :))

Sunakshi said...

I <3 this post.

You're always missed di.i literally miss your comments and posts which lit up my mood when i feel low.i've been absent from long time too,but have managed to scribble few posts :) come back soon ha.

Take utmost care of yourself..

Hugs :))

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Oh nice :) What a lovely post! And yes I am friendly and undoubtedly firangi (but suuuuch a wannabe). How young is Sid? I had initially thought young but the way he writes made me think older.

Queenmatrai said...


Lavender said...

hello My Muffin!
*wipes tears*
*Jumps up and down with joy*
I'd like to thank my mother, my father, my chachi, my dadi, my bua, my hairdresser, my tailor and Lastly Blogspot for letting me connect with such wonderful people :D

Raj said...


funny how you refuse to cease to touch my heart.

Raj said...


funny how you refuse to cease to touch my heart.

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