Tuesday, October 6, 2009

old cards,chocolate wrappers and earings

i cant help it, but i have a natural talent to collect crap, at least thats how some may perceive it . But for me they are a part of me...just a few things i can remember at 11 in the night,when i am in one of my compulsive blogging phases,gripped by ideas(oh intelligent me)

1. a card given my "secret admirer" back in school,lies in the lowest shelf in my cupboard back home. G would probably not appreciate it that much.

2.a photograph of ma n baba in my wallet which is officially the longest duration for an object to be with me and i mean it!!! its been 8 years i have that pic.

3.a pair of red shorts, 10 inches long only,worn during sports day practise in school(i was 10 years old)

4.a wooden momento of my schools 50 year celebration. Though i wanted to be a ballet dancer, i became a beer drinking carpenter dancing on some country music in the hallowed XLRI auditorium.

5.a picture of me in a "banana race" in lowerKG during sports day

6.the shirt i wore on my 10th std farewell,with graffiti over it,wishing me best of luck with "secret admirer"

7.a scrap book signed by all my friends during the time Titanic was a hit since everyones fav song in the scrap book is "my heart will go on"

8. a secret diary with some even more secret content in the pages, all tied up with a lavender bow and covered in pink wrapping paper.

9.a wind chime gifted by secret admirer that still chimes in my bedroom window

10.an old pair of shades,which somehow finds it way back into my cupboard inspite of all the moving i have done.

11.some heartbreaking memories of people whose birthdays (and marriage anniversaries) i always remember.

12.earings i wore for my "socials",the planning of which is done 3 months in advance.So the earing were very important too.

13. a toll pass from Vashi to Bandra(i will not divulge any more details)

14. the first mail G sent me, begining with "Hi Sulagna"

15. an unfinished cup of tea,not sweet enough, reminding me of life and in the end finding the sugar cubes undisolved at the bottom

16. a bottle of Guess lotion which is taking its last breath but i will never let go of it.

17.some immortal jokes which i had learnt while staying up with my cousins 6 years back..they still work,considering they are based only on abuses:)

18.the gift wrapping in which i got my first gift as someones fiance` G stuck to a yellow ribbon only,for the St.Oliver he got me.

19. a yellow post it ,put in my lunch box on 14th feb '09 saying" enjoy your lunch baby and happy valentines day.....G"

20.friends who have stood by me and are my best kept memories :) Shiv,Elli,Sam,Nin


Sam said...

lol to the "social" earrings. I had my suit for a looong time and I gave it away a couple of years ago.

sulagna chatterjee said...

oh and i just remembered,someone in our group wore a "peela duppata neela suit"

some lyrics of a song back then..1999

elli said...

hehehehehe...thanx ya sullu.....even i have the old uniform...with 'sunny weather' written all over iit LOL

sulagna chatterjee said...

awww you are welcome baby....i guess i own you just more than that write up

Cursed♪♫ said...

Even I collect junk. I have so many good + bad memories in my drawer :)
Mum sometimes tells me to throw old stuff away cause it just makes my room messy, but I love it :)
You have a lovely blog!!!
Take Care :)

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