Friday, October 30, 2009

Hail Our School Sacred Heart !!!

My first memory of school is a huge yellow building with green doors and windows with glass panes..and right at the entrance you notice there are three gates..yes that's because my school is shaped in an E which stands for excellence. The High-school section was an E and so it was all day excellence which we were asked to bring in...and we did

We excelled in making our school our second home

we excelled in becoming the super smart back- benchers

we excelled in the art of sleeping with eyes open

we excelled in passing notes during class

we excelled in drawing the teachers blouse's backline during our junior college,on to our rough books

we excelled in wearing light nailpolishes so the teachers would not notice

we excelled at talking in actions and gestures so the teacher could never shout "stop talking girls"

we excelled at answering the questions asked during the super controversial "sex education classes"

we excelled at slipping in the queue again to take the Christmas fruit cake,even though we had one hidden in the tiffin box

we excelled at peeping into our neighbours papers inspite of the distance between the benches

we excelled at pulling up our skirts above the knee

and we excelled at getting away with it saying "my clothes are growing smaller"

we excelled in moral science classes and saying amen after our prayers inspite of coming form varied cultures

we excelled at paying extra attention to the neighbourhood boys school,and getting it reciprocated

we excelled at newspaper drives,sports days,winter melas and plant a tree

we excelled at waiting patiently to get the school dosa which had a queue of 60 students,all round the clock

we excelled at looking smart in our uniforms with small skirts,rolled down socks and sleevs rolled up.

we excelled in the passion that made us beleive we are "Conventies"

And that keeps us together ,proud with our heads held up high,just how Sister Flavian would have wanted to see us

Hail our School Sacred Heart!!

PS: We excelled in studies too :) Asia Champions actually!!!!


sulagna chatterjee said...

ohh i loved reading it again:)

chocolate lover said...

hehe nice one and cute.. loved it

Sunakshi said...

Aww lovely post *Smile*

Sunakshi said...

You've been awarded =)

sulagna chatterjee said...

ahun ahun ahun !!!! Friday has started off on a nice note

Rachael said...

I love it... brings back memories of my school days as well.. I guess all kids are the same! Try to get away with as much as possible, and do as little as possible!

Sorcer said...

I miss those days..
lovely post it is!

Anonymous said...

cud u post our school anthem please!thanks!

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