Friday, August 7, 2009


last night as i was trying to get some sleep,listening to 'dooriya' once again,i wished i could go on a week long break to Florence,live on Italian food and wine. No matter how much i realize the impossibility of this dream in the next one year, i could not stop wishing it. i have always had really crazy wishes, except for one"marry the perfect man" all were crazy wishes. And i must confess this,God surely has his own criterias before granting wishes,therefore G came into my lif, making one wish tru..but here some wishes, written in order of when they were wished,starting from age 6

At 6 i was not too much into higher education ,so all i wanted was to study till Std 5 and get married.Please note i knew counting only till 5 so thought it to be all high and mighty.

I wished i could get married to Sherlock Holmes at age 8, since they used to show Sherlock Holmes on DD. I am sure you must be wondering whats this super enthu for marriage..i simply dint know about the existence of other options like studying higher. I wanted to marry Holmes wearing my mothers Banarasi sarees, all complete with gold and diamond jewellery.

At age 10, i found my true calling in the skies abaove and how i wished i knew how to fly,wished i was ligh eneough to float in the air,wished i could just fly like age 9 i dint wish to wear a catsuit to look hot.

At age 12, i wished i was prettier, with a dress like kajol in "mere khwabo mein jo aaye" in DDLJ.It was the epitome of everythiing i wished to be..pretty,obedient,pretty,well-mannered,pretty. ..oh how i wished to hear some swiss cow-bell outside my house..all i got to hear was the doodhwala ringing the door bell.

At 14 i realised i was mistakenly born a girl, i was meant to be plaing bsketball and cricket.I was meant to be cycling out in the sun with the guys,swearing and sweating it out.I ished i could just one fine day wake up and find myself to be a boy, all complete with short hair and no hair please on my face.

At 16, i wished dreamt swooned tought only about Mrs.Sulagna Mishra..perhaps the biggets crush in th history of teen love with Mr.Ashutosh Mishra. As i peeped into his balcony everyday religiously,saw hism cycle off to school,try my best to not shivver sitting next to him in tution classes.i knew we were meant to be togetehr..i never forgot chanting the "Ashutosh Chalisa to all my friends ,every pyjama party we had.

At 17 i knew love was an illusion and all that i wished was to become a neurosurgeaon, little knowing i was the one in need of some neural surgery. I dint exactly realise it needed science specialization, considering i was a 23 in Bilogy,24 in Chemistry and 36 in boke mmy wishes but i fought on.

At 18 i wanted to join Politics since i scored highest in Political science, i knew that was my true calling,change the world(i said what Obama says now,9 years back)i wished to be the the lady in the crisp pik kurti and jeans,fighting for the strays on the streets,providing "fundamental rights to people" i wished nothing nut Democracy getting its tru meaning.

At 20, as i studied English honors, i knew my true calling was a rockstar, i wished to perform with the Backstreet Boys and the Boyzone.I knew i was the next maddona in making , the next Cher, the next rockstar to burst the Indian music inductry..move over Viva,Move over came the prodigy.

At 22, i wanted a tattoo on my body...i restrict my wishes to mention where would the loction be, but i wanted to tattoo a butterfly on me, to show my free spiritedness,my wish to fly higher, not holding to limits to boundries..somewhere in netween i also wanted to become a belly dancer.

At 24 i just wanted to clear my MBA degree...nothing much..somewhere in between i wished to try climbing the everest, take a dip in the sea at midnight,loose weight,backpack to ladakh and study criminal psychology.

At 26 i got my first wish , with G coming into my life ...almost the same entrane that i had planned for my entry intot he music industry..lots of band baja happened and i got married to the most adorable man on this earth.

At 27, i wish to go for a one week visit to Florence,live on Pasta,wine and love.

My wishlist continues to grow....


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