Friday, July 24, 2009

a sulky post tpday :(

i have no idea what will i be blogging about now, absolutely none.I am just back froma boring day long seminar, and have amy stomach filled with Pune's famous Biryani and the only think i can imagine is a bed with a warm blanket.

Unfortunately, i also have a reality check and know thats not going to happen so getting back to the blog...its raining outside and on the way abck to office from the seminar i got kind of drenched.And everytime i am wet and sit in the AC my migraine is back..sorry if i have been sulking so far but my point is that i will cheer myself as i write well i was planning to write about some of my favourite things that can try cheering me up.

chocolate cake,warm soft and full of gooey chocolate...i dont like the icing though..these cakes always remind of good times. Sitting with a cup of coffee and one of those choco muffins,surprise midnight birthday cakes with friends,sunday afternoon baking with my family...i can almost smell the happpiness

Little babies with soft clothes and soft skin smelling of Johnson's baby powder cuddling in your arms. a crazy meaningless conversation with a 5 toothed 14 month old baby, the laughter of a baby that ripples in the air leaving you wanting more.

the sound of raindrops on the window as you lay warm snuggled inside yourbed..perhaps slightly sticking out your toes from the blanket to see how cold the air is. The smell of warm pakoras in oil and sipping tea on a rainy day.

The feel of a comfortable chair or bean bag as you sink in watching your faverouite movie or just as you flip through your new book adjusting to the most comfortable position you can.The smile you get on your lips when you read something that reminds you of a past memory.

Listening to some of my all time favrouite songs while i cook or drive down. Talking f driving i actually have fun abusing people in the traffic if they act smart by overtaking or pulling stunts. I also love sitting with my female buddies, discussing past scandelous days of college life over some drinks and buritoes.

Thinking of school days always gets a smile on my face ,even if it means rememebring the time you were thrown out for forging your mom's signnature...yeah i have done that:) its surprising how some"not good" things you had done long ago still make you giggle.

Looking at pictures,old photographs revives my memories as i think of who took the pictures or what made me decide to take a picture there..i just remembered taht we were visiting some place in London and were near a liff when i saw a tombstone in the shape of a 5 foot high pyramid..i have a picture of me smiling..Come to think of it i was actually smiling at someones tombstone..not too pleasnat but still makes me giggle.

I have kind of run out of ideas now and shall be going back to my thoughts of bed and blanket and warm coffee:) till then

have fun:)


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