Friday, June 12, 2009

Of Schumacher and daily travel

every morning begins with me standing on the road trying to get a rickshaw to take me to work, but it seems the autowallas have a different agenda all together..its a lot of coaxing that is required to get an auto...and somehow inspite of my office being located in the middle of the town i dont understand why do these people behave so pricey.Its not like i am asking them to take me across to mars..

Today having move out of my house a little early, i thought perhaps it would be easier to have a wider choice.Finally the one man i got looked almost as old as Indian Indipendence, had grey hair barely spread around his lower scalp.His hair was so thin that whenever the auto took a turn to the left or right his hair would fly in that direction.And oh, need i mention the condition of the Auto, it was as ancient as the driver..but let me tell you about the "schumacher"(no intentions of hurting any fans of the grand prix champion,if my spelling is wrong) stint uncle did...there was a traffic jam at one of the signals..and the next thing i know is that i am tilted to the right..uncle was driving the auto with one wheel going on top of the divider, in the middle of the road.So when the signal turned green ours was the first to move ahead.
And thats not we moved ahead i saw two boys on a bike peeping inside the auto,probably my skirt pulled their atttention, but whatever it was, i so felt like wacking those kids.And probably my chauffer realized whats going your breath..he swerved the rickshaw towards the bike in such a way the boys had to moove to the other end of the road, and in that gap another car came thats what i say is a brave gesture..india still is a land of the chivalrous.

Finally i got to my office and before getting down i started combing my hair, to which schumacher said"pls baal mat comb kijiye gaadi mein" took me a second to absorb it and obviously i was about to retaliate but when i saw those old eyes i stopped..thanked him ,gave him his 41 rupee due and thought, that even today we have some nice things to write about even if the bad things are more common..its difficult to get an auto but when schumacher drove fast and kicked A** of those boys, i realized good still peeps out of the bad that we see.

Moral Of The Story: If you are a girl be careful in a skirt and think twice before you comb your hair in an auto


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