Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coffee Conversations

Its 2 PM and we have just got over our lunch but the best food begins now...food for thought. Every noon post lunch, we sit for another 15 minutes discussing the morning traffic,swine flu,shiney ahuja and sometimes revenue generation. Interestingly this came to my mind that i should blog about my intellectual companions.

Just 5 minutes after lunch and we hear someone say"yaar, meetha khaane ka man kar rahah hai" and we all agree. The diet conscious of course scorn at us. But when i take out a packet of biscuits from my drawer ,no one is left behind. And need i say, the packet is found, crumpled,devoid of all its contenets in the dustbin.
So moving on with our pseudo desert, we talk about how shamefully Dhoni had to crash out of teh world cup. Of course someone thinks his "shani" is "bhari" on him.Ans thats when i say that nothign is with Dhoni,aree Raanchi ka hai..i am sure he will fight back.Look at lalu prasad!!

next of course w ehave inputs coming in from peopel wathching "AAj Tak" on Shiney Ahuja was wearing a black mask and sent in the jail. To this a regular of "India TV" says how his wife quotes hse is proud of being shiney's wife. And then next we move to Mahesh Bhatt and how some years back his claim to fame was a scandolous photo shoot of Pooja Bhatt in only oil paint(snickerin male colleagues)

And then suddenly one complains of itching eyes and to that we have three different opinions at one go. A lady says its probably the left ove of last nights Mascacra, another lady talks about Conjunctivitis,monsoon season. And soon a third opinion id of Swine Flu,itching eyes are a symptom.

And then enters the clown of the office, who claims to have performed as "Raavan" three times in comedy ramayan style. To prove his statment he goes on describing how he wears a belt and tries to tease Sita Mataa. And oh i have to mention how he radio jockies on Aakashwaani,playing songs like"Disco 82" for neha chintu munni and raju in Bhillai.

Soon the conversation goes to Shiney Ahuja and his controversy to which everyone puts their own inputs ..some say he looks liek deprived of mental growth. Some say he looks like a sex maniac..andone of my ex-army colleagues complains what a shame he is to the forces, since his dad was in the army...I seriously doubt the truth of this statement. Anyways we go on discussing how the maid was 18 year old, some news channel even interviewed her asking " aapko aaj kaisa lag raha hai"" kya aap shiney ko kuch kehna chaahti hai media k through?"

We are still talking about last nights news and the water looged law college road, and we looka t the watch ...chaai time..niche jaake baat hogi.


Raj said...

the things you talk about when with friends.
i remember we had once had a whole session on bananas. gawd knows how it started but it ended with ornages. :(

Ramit said...

I'm so sick of Shiney Ahuja! Gah!

And please, the Pooja Bhatt body paint was awesome! Simply awesome! Amazing!

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